Derma PCD Franchise in Patna- As the skin issues like acne, dark spot, hives, itching, infection has taken place in our society it is demanding treatment. There are many types of derma companies which are researching various kinds of derma compositions. The Aesthetic Sense is a one of the leading derma companies that deals with the Derma PCD Franchise in Patna. Our company has been curing various skin issues with quality derma products and has been becoming a prominent platform for derma franchise business.

The Aesthetic Sense is an ISO certified derma franchise company in Patna that has a diverse range of derma products. These include ointment, gel, lotion, cream, capsules, tablets, syrups and many more for Derma PCD Franchise in Patna. We have a wide network of the derma franchise business which are operated by our clients in different regions. The company provides full benefits to the franchise business in Patna such as promotional tools, marketing assistance, monopoly rights and amongst others for growth in the market.

Derma PCD Franchise in Patna

We are looking for candidates who want to run their own derma franchise business in Patna. Call us at +91 87270 99068 for more information on our products or franchise opportunities. You can contact us via email at

What Makes Us The Best Derma Franchise Company In Patna?

The Aesthetic Sense is a well known name in the derma market for curing various skin issues. We have made a respectable name in the derma market through our effective range of derma products. Company also offers a wide range of DCGI and FSSAI approved derma products for franchise business. Our company also offers a wide range of derma products which are manufactured in the state-of-the-art facility which has unique infrastructure. It has various types of sections for different types of tasks for franchise business.

  • Latest equipment is being utilized for derma products manufacturing.
  • We deliver the products in a given time through logistics services.
  • The research team brings the latest products as per the demand of the market.
  • The Aesthetic Sense believes in transparency that makes us trustworthy.
  • More than 200 derma products are available at our company at reasonable prices.

Immense Products Portfolio For Franchise Business

The Aesthetic Sense is one of the leading organizations for derma products. Aside from our appealing packaging, the inner quality of our products also attracts customers. Our products have been effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, including allergic reactions, infection, fungus, pimples, acne, and many others. The products are manufactured under strict parameters to ensure product quality, and we process our products in a supply chain management system that reduces costs while maintaining product quality.

These are some of the products from immense portfolio 


Azprotas 250

Betasense-16 Tab

Flucos-200 Tab


Furo Sense


Ketcotas cream

Clinclotas A Gel


Ketcotas Soap

Aloe Sense Soap

Permi-Sense Soap


Lucosense Lotion

Terbo Sense Lotion

Collyrium Body Lotion



Isrtotas-10 Cap

Clinclotas-C cap


Hair Beauty

Frupaya Face Wash

Ultrasense Hair oil

Mesmicoal Charcoal

Beneficial Derma Franchise That Is Offered By The Aesthetic Sense

The Aesthetic Sense is always willing to assist pharma professionals in any way possible, whether it is through the provision of high-quality products or exceptional services. By affiliating, the company has left no stone unturned in its efforts to support and stand with its clients. The company understands its clients’ needs and always exceeds their expectations. Our customers are the company’s most valuable asset, as they help us represent our products in various parts of the country. We have established some benefits to assist them in earning a high potential in the market.

  • Marketing assistance- The company’s sales team assists clients with the most innovative marketing strategies for market dominance.
  • Incentives- We provide our clients with monetary rewards in order to keep them motivated at work. It increases the client’s eagerness to work.
  • Exclusive rights- Derma PCD Franchise in Patna with full monopoly rights. So that our clients are not burdened by the high level of competition in their industry.
  • Promotional tools- We provide a company name printed pen, a notepad, a chemist billing book, and a marketing bag to promote the company and advertise the products.

How The Derma Franchise In Patna Holds A High Growth?

With the rise in the number of skin problems in our society today, the demand for derma products has risen steadily. Anxiety, among other things, is a contributing factor to the rise in skin problems. Pollution and ozone layer depletion are also major issues. The global derma industry was also valued at around $25,228.2 million in 2019, providing a significant indication of scope in the derma market. The Indian skincare market was worth $753 million in the same year. Furthermore, a lack of several essential nutrients in the body is a major cause of poor quality products. These are some of the most common skin problems that people face.

  • Acne
  • Hives
  • Vitiligo
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Ichthyosis

Contact Information:- 

  • Tas Derma Pvt.Ltd.:
  • Address – Pchpl Building, D161A, Phase 7, Industrial Area, Sector 73, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055
  • E-mail:
  • Phone : +91 87270 99068

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