Best Treatment To Cure Open Pores On Face & Skin In India – Having any kind of skin problem is something that no one expects to have. Nowadays many kinds of skin problems are being faced by a lot of individuals and one of the main ones is Open Pores on the face and skin. Open sores refer to the large expanded skin pores on the skin that become more and more noticeable over a period of time. Normally pores are responsible for allowing the skin to breathe as it releases the natural oil. Treating them at the right moment is very important by using the Best Treatment To Cure Open Pores On Face & Skin In India.

Although it is not possible to permanently remove or fill the open pores completely, using the Best Treatment To Cure Open Pores On Face & Skin In India will surely help the individual to lead a happy and prosperous life ahead with full confidence. Many experts suggest some dermatological procedures which are able to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores that will give the individual a smoother and more radiant texture than what it was before. So today you will learn how open pores treatment works for soft and plain skin.

What Are The Causes Of Open Pores On Face & Skin?

There are various causes due to which an individual faces the problem of Open Pores on their face and other areas of the body. Therefore one must first try to understand the causes because of which he/she is facing the issue of open pores so that the required treatment can be undertaken under the guidance of a dermatologist. Have a look at the causes of open pores on the skin and face.

  • Excessive Sebum Production: This is the main cause behind open pores in both men and women. Sebum Production is comparatively more in some individuals who naturally have oily skin that leads to enlargement of hair follicle openings.
  • Sun Exposure & Aging: One of the prime reasons for open pores is the constant exposure to the sun and also the normal and natural aging process. The strength of the skin gets reduced with the passage of time which makes it look old.
  • Heredity Factor: Many people are there whose parents were having the same problem of open pores and because of it they also got the same issue.
  • Chronic Acne: Inflammatory acne when happens causes the sebum glands to become weak and then the follicular openings get enlarged. 
  • Hormonal Changes: as the individual starts getting mature there are various hormonal changes that take place in his body and then he gets the problem of open pores and acne.

Best Medical Treatment For Open Pores In India

Having enlarged open pores is something that no one expects to have or it is more and so they might be an indicator of an underlying medical issue about which one might not be having any idea. In order to get the best open pores treatment result and make sure the individual gets rid of this skin issue, one must try to use a combination of medications as well as some therapies so that they can get the due relief required in order to get rid of this skin problem. Have a look at the best available treatment for open pores in India.

Laser Treatment

There are various professional, noninvasive laser treatments that are made available in order to treat open pores in India. The most common laser treatments consist of Laser Genesis, Pixel Perfect, and the Fraxel Laser which is done under the guidance of a dermatologist’s office or in a medical spa. These treatments basically work by rejuvenating the production level of collagen in the skin and they are one of the most effective treatments for filling open pores. In some cases, they are also utilized for treating acne scars that are left after the acne gets treated. The appearance of the open pores is effectively reduced by undergoing laser treatment for open pores. This is the most popular Treatment To Cure Open Pores On Face & Skin In India.

Oral Medications

Many derma experts who have a holistic approach may prescribe the usage of oral medicines such as oral retinoids (Isotretinoin), oral contraceptives, and antiandrogens (spironolactone). They are also used to treat any possible hormonal change that might be there in the body due for some reasons. But one must keep in mind the usage of the open pore skin medicines to get proper benefits from them can be attained properly. There are some circumstances in which the usage of this medication more than the prescribed quantity may cause some issues.

Topical Therapies

There are a good number of dermatology experts who advise the usage of many kinds of topical therapies which consist of Tretinoin, topical nicotinamide, Vitamin C, AHAs, and much more. They work very well to diminish the open pores and one of the best things that one can use is to use a derma product having Salicylic Acid in it. One must try to use these solutions as per the advice of the doctor so that proper benefits can be attained as using them in more than the prescribed quantity may cause some unwanted side effects. This is one of the most effective Treatments To Cure Open Pores On Face & Skin In India.

Home Remedies

If someone doesn’t get proper benefits by using any of the above procedures or if they are looking for some methods to get rid of open pores at home it will also save a lot of cost for them. One of the most widely used remedies is to use a steamy facial that helps to clean out pores and also makes them look smaller as it provides a fresh glow to the skin. Those face masks that are dry on the skin work to remove the blackheads from the skin and they may also work very well to make the look of the open pores better. One more thing that one can adopt is to use an Exfoliation process that removes the things that clog up pores such as debris and oils. They work best when used on a daily basis.


Many people get confused between acne scars and pores but it is to be noticed that both of them are different from one another as open pores happen due to excess sebum production that further leads to acne and also scars. And it is also to be noticed that one can’t permanently get rid of open pores but adopting the Best Treatment to Cure Open Pores on Face & Skin in India will surely help to minimize the severity of this skin problem. 

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