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Permi-Sense is the fusion of Permethrin Soap that is used to treat Scabies which is a skin ailment caused by microscopic insects called mites that infest and irritate your skin. Permed Soap is a parasite treatment. It kills mites and their eggs by paralysing and paralysing them. Permethrin is also used to help those who have had close contact with someone who has head lice prevent infection. It is pyrethrin, which is a kind of medication. Permethrin Soap also nourishes the skin and works as a moisturiser.

Precautions For Permethrin Soap

Permethrin Soap should be applied on the skin only and for external use only. Wet the area and then rub the soap on the hands then gently massage on the body then rinse thoroughly with water. Use it daily for better results and consultancy is a must before using this soap

Side Effects Of Permethrin Soap

The majority of adverse effects do not necessitate medical care and will go away as your body adjusts to the medication. Consult the doctor if they persist or if the patient is concerned.

  • Skin burn
  • Stinging sensation

Contact For Permethrin Soap Manufacturing And Supply

A leading name in the dermatology market, The Aesthetic Sense has left a significant benchmark in the industry. We have an ISO certification and work under the guidelines laid by WHO and GMP in order to match the global standard of the products. We are the top leading third party Permethrin Soap manufacturer and supplier in India. We also offer PCD Derma Franchise for Permethrin Soap on a monopoly basis. We have a vast range of DCGI and FSSAI approved derma products at very reasonable prices.

  • Our company delivers the products in a given time with the support of the Logistics team.
  • We bring the latest products through our R & D team as they research various molecules and atoms.
  • The plant is well equipped with hi-tech machinery and other tools for manufacturing.
  • Our unit is usually sanitized in order to keep the area neat, clean and contamination-free.

Additional information

Brand Name

Permi-Sense Soap


Permethrin 1% w/w + Glycerin 1%

Packaging Type



75 gm


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