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Callyrium is the combination of Calamine and Paraffin lotion that has been used for decades to relieve itching and discomfort caused by minor skin conditions like hives or mosquito bites

Calamine has astringent and antipruritic properties. It is an anti-itch drug that works by creating a cooling sensation on the skin as it fades away.

Paraffin is an emollient, which is a compound that softens the skin by eliminating water loss from the skin’s outer layer. It soothes dry skin and keeps it moist and hydrated.

Paraffin and Calamine Lotion is also used to treat scratching, minor burns, bruises, scrapes, sunburn, eczema, bug bites, and cold sores.

Precautions For Calamine And Paraffin Lotion

Apply this lotion as prescribed by a skin specialist because it may contain inactive substances. Therefore, do not use more than the prescribed amount and apply daily if the doctor recommended. Do not expose the skin to sun rays which may lead to an allergic reaction.

Side Effects Of Paraffin and Calamine Lotion

Calamine and Paraffin lotion can cause burning, itching, or discomfort, but these side effects are temporary and do not require medical attention. Inform the doctor if any of these side effects persist or worsens.

Contract For Calamine And Paraffin Lotion Manufacturing And Supply

The Aesthetic sense preeminent ISO certified company, which is totally focused on quality products. We adhere to all norms set by WHO and GMP in order to maintain the quality of the product. Due to excellent work and transparent services, The Aesthetic Sense is highly recognized as the top Calamine and Paraffin lotion manufacturer and supplier, we not only deal in this formulation but also have a wide range of other effective derma products. We also offered PCD Pharma Franchise for Paraffin and Calamine Lotion with monopoly rights. Apart from this, here are some key qualities of our manufacturing plant.

  • Our manufacturing plant is equipped with cutting-edge machinery which is used for manufacturing.
  • Our unit is built in a wide spacious area with different department’s buildings. It makes our production cycle strong.
  • All products are DCGI and FSSAI approved that are available at affordable prices.
  • The R&D team researches the new compositions and introduces them to the market which helps us to stay tuned in the market.
  • We deliver the products in a given time because we understand the client’s time.

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Calamine lotion with paraffin

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100 ml

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